Friday, July 1, 2011

recent updates

1st of July, the second half of 2011 begins today!
whoa, time flies.
5 weeks ago, I started my life as a year 3 undergraduate @@
talking bout year 3, we are finally the OLD OLD OLD seniors!
yet, we are so childish? or should I say playful? LOL!
even our lecturers also said our batch is a bit very 活泼! *in a polite way*
** not concentrating in class cause of the interesting watermelon,LOL**

week1 and 2, we were still FREE~ Hang out in Ipoh with friends~
cheese ^^
Baskin Robbins 31~!

Oh ya, the first educational trip organized by my society was successful, heeeeeee~!
LOADS of thanks to the committee members who put in LOTS of efforts in organizing the trip while I just did the paperwork~

week 3 and 4, started to busy organizing the coming biological week other than lectures, reports and assignments.
week 5, biological week is getting nearer~! quiz, tests and assignment due dates are getting nearer too :O
but then we still enjoy life as an undergraduate, haahahaaha!
This week, there's an I care, do you?" - A Health Awareness Campaign and Charity event at block D~ of course we got ourselves involved in the event ^^V
Kityin and I bought a pair of mutated pig/rabbit hand-phone hanger.
pig rabbits~!
HL and yinhuan got themselves a pair too, heeeeeee~!
Also, also, HL and I gt us a temporary tattoo~ for the sake of charity and it's really nice~!!!

Guess which 1 is mine,hahaah~!

tadaaa~ the one with a 'yo~!' on it. took photo in the lecture hall >.O

this morning, we even joined the games section- my first time to play nintendo wiii, ahahaha! FUN~~~
this event lasts for a week and NEXT WEEK will be our society's turn.
Even though our event is not so big, hope everything goes on smoothly.
I'm in charge of games, in hokkien, there is this word 'lao kuih'. yes, cannot 'lao kuih' hahahahaa!
This weekend gonna study for next week's test as well as the final preparation for biological week ~ fighting!
our biological week logo, cool huh?!

Monday, June 20, 2011

kap si? euwwwww!

Oops, I can feel something is wrong with my stomach =X

Early in this morning, my lecturer suddenly said 'Give me 5 min break' and went off
as usual, we laughed and started making assumption!
'Lecturer kap si izzit?'
hmmm, not sure, but her face looked pale and a bit nervous or tense once she came back
Finally, we were dismissed earlier as she apologized saying that was her worst lecturer as she was stressed with... something?
kap si oso can stress one meh? or maybe she's really sick -.-''

Few hours later, my tutor mentioned that he was not feeling well today~
We started to make fun of his sickness saying it might be related to our lecturer~ kap si~!!
haahahahahha~! I know we're naughty~~~ can't help, we're always that playful in class!

we were halfway discussing the tutorial questions and HL said she's kap si. speechless~ haahaha!

few minutes ago, I was happily munching the chocolate biscuits
Suddenly, I saw some white dots on the surface of the CHOCOLATE
I stared at the biscuits
It stared at me
we stared at each other
for a few seconds!

the next thing I did was to rush to the fridge and got myself a cup of yogurt!
I've learn in lecture saying yogurt contains probiotics!
ahhhh, I need them to fight with the white white dots or fungi? blur -.-''

I know the biscuits haven't reach my stomach to be digested as it was just few minutes ago~
but...but...but... I can feel something is wrong with my tummy =X
hahahaha~! what's wrong with US today O.O
it must be the hormone within us that caused continuous stomachache, hahahaah~!
no matter how, I do hope that everyone of us here are healthy everyday =)
time to make an appointment with mr. toilet, ahahahah~

Friday, June 10, 2011


2011 is a special year to all of us.
we're finally 21~!
it's time to get our golden key.
it's time to be serious?
Since it's an IMPORTANT year, we've decided to make special celebrations and prepare memorable presents for the birthday boys and girls =)
M-A-R-C-H- The first and eldest one is xiaocui, hahahahaa!
we got her a key shaped cake and a ceramic photo frame, of course with our picture on it ^^

Ooops, she doesn't look like a 'dai kar cheh' but the youngest among us

Next, we gt 3 April babies~!
Tell u one secret, Alex is actually 22 ! Shhh.... Forever 21,hehehe!

Another key shaped cake~! specially designed for them ^^

A special celebration with the cat**

Move on to JUNE, kintat and yinhuan's turn to be 21~
hmmmm, we squeezed our brain juice just to give more surprises~!!
celebrated their birthday at golden sand last night.

pictures designed by us with some references,hahaah!

Boldtake 1, with the lengluis~

take 2, with the guys~!

Friends forever =)

Oh ya, blessed birthday to both of them =)
Time to take a break as the rest are from Oct onward, lol~!
more surprises to come at the end of 2011~!!
stay tuned!

Thursday, May 26, 2011



Saturday, May 7, 2011













Ta Daaaaaaaaaa~!
Bought my ticket yesterday ^^V

Dunno why, I prefer buying than booking ticket~
the ticket must be with me only SYOK~
Dun worry, u're safe with me~
3 Days to go and I'll be back to PENANG!
I missssss everything in PENANG!
I'm still very excited even though today's paper GG!
cause I'm going home soon~!
the last paper is the toughest :(
See? So thick ah~!!!! How to finish within 2 and 1/2 days~ aiks!

no matter how~ I'll try my best and go back PENANG happily~!

Study study study! ^^V