Friday, July 1, 2011

recent updates

1st of July, the second half of 2011 begins today!
whoa, time flies.
5 weeks ago, I started my life as a year 3 undergraduate @@
talking bout year 3, we are finally the OLD OLD OLD seniors!
yet, we are so childish? or should I say playful? LOL!
even our lecturers also said our batch is a bit very 活泼! *in a polite way*
** not concentrating in class cause of the interesting watermelon,LOL**

week1 and 2, we were still FREE~ Hang out in Ipoh with friends~
cheese ^^
Baskin Robbins 31~!

Oh ya, the first educational trip organized by my society was successful, heeeeeee~!
LOADS of thanks to the committee members who put in LOTS of efforts in organizing the trip while I just did the paperwork~

week 3 and 4, started to busy organizing the coming biological week other than lectures, reports and assignments.
week 5, biological week is getting nearer~! quiz, tests and assignment due dates are getting nearer too :O
but then we still enjoy life as an undergraduate, haahahaaha!
This week, there's an I care, do you?" - A Health Awareness Campaign and Charity event at block D~ of course we got ourselves involved in the event ^^V
Kityin and I bought a pair of mutated pig/rabbit hand-phone hanger.
pig rabbits~!
HL and yinhuan got themselves a pair too, heeeeeee~!
Also, also, HL and I gt us a temporary tattoo~ for the sake of charity and it's really nice~!!!

Guess which 1 is mine,hahaah~!

tadaaa~ the one with a 'yo~!' on it. took photo in the lecture hall >.O

this morning, we even joined the games section- my first time to play nintendo wiii, ahahaha! FUN~~~
this event lasts for a week and NEXT WEEK will be our society's turn.
Even though our event is not so big, hope everything goes on smoothly.
I'm in charge of games, in hokkien, there is this word 'lao kuih'. yes, cannot 'lao kuih' hahahahaa!
This weekend gonna study for next week's test as well as the final preparation for biological week ~ fighting!
our biological week logo, cool huh?!

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